"R H Y T H M"

These pages are dedicated to my dad "BOB COOPER" who was a lover of Blues, Ragtime, Jazz and the Bigband sound. He spent most of his years as a young adult and up until his late 60's in different small bands. He grew up in N.J. and there in high school he teamed up with "Les Elgart" and they started playing gigs for school functions and then went on to playing for parties and other social functions around their home town. Dad was the "Drummer" and a hip young man. After high school they joined Les's older brother Larry's band. When Larry wanted to go overseas to entertain the troops dad couldn't go and so his association with the Elgart brothers was broken.

Dad spent almost two years in a hospital, he was in a bad auto accident and was in a coma for a long time. When he finally came out of it and was able to go home he took up where he had left off. He found some musicians and again began doing gigs in resorts, bars, dance halls and any place else where he could find work. The music he played ranged from blues, jazz, bigband sounds and even western rock.

His final gig was on New Years Eve 1985, in a small restaurant bar at the age of 68. He said he had a long run but now it was time to sit home and listen to his records and watch the old movie musicals.

This is a picture of my dad on that night and with him are the other members of his little group Al on the horn, Art on the keyboard and his singer Fran.

Dad, I sure do miss you and our good times together. Hope you like this.

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Now we will get into a little history and fun stuff about each birthin' of the beginning of "Rhythm". Just click on your desired location. Above all I wish you good memories and fun.

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Linda aka Sawadeeka